Live Action Production


We use a mix of proprietary camera rigs and studio grade equipment to capture stunning 4K resolution video.

Red Dragon Rig - A proprietary rig built from 5 of the best cinematic camera in the world. Shooting up to 6K resolution, up to 120fps.

Triggar Rig - Built by one of our partners, Triggar, this rig has the closest array of GoPro's, to reduce parallax and create beautifully stitched 360 videos. 



We create binaural audio tracks using best in class spacial and 3D microphones, supplemented by the best audio software available.

Computer Graphics Production

Content Development

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App Development

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Platform Optimization

Mobile devices support

Optimizing For The Largest Market

To gain maximum exposure for your content, we specialize in optimizing out content to mobile devices. Best in class encoding techniques, alongside innovative UI/UX methodologies enable us to create compelling and immersive experiences, even using older version smartphones.

Top Market HMD Support

Works On Every Platform

We want to make sure that your audience enjoys the best experience possible. To do so, we can build and optimize our content to every hardware on the market, including high quality HMD (Head Mounted Display) units such as Oculus, Vive, and PSVR, all the way to mobile devices on cardboard viewers.