By Jonah Loop, Executive Director, River Studios LA

In May 2015, River Studios was born out of Rothenberg Ventures to push the boundaries of the virtual reality ecosystem in a big way. Led by CEO Mike Rothenberg’s vision and passion for frontier technology, we’ve done some awesome work with great partners such as NBCU, Coldplay, Bjork,, the Sacramento Kings and the Denver Broncos.

We have an outstanding team of developers in Halifax, Canada, led by Devin Horsman, a brilliant team of storytellers and creators in San Francisco, including Ewan Johnson, and we’re proud to share today that we’re officially opening our Los Angeles studio at the iconic Culver Studios.

Joining myself in LA will be Andy Stack - Executive Director, Sam Macaroni - Head of Production for River Studios LA, Brinton Bryan - EP/Director, and Stash Slionski, Director. We have a vast history in film, digital media, technology, and of course...storytelling. This gives us an experienced team with previous works completed at companies like YouTube and Google, Maker, Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks Animation.

Our goal is to work on a mix of premium traditional media, live action, computer animated, interactive, and immersive experiences for all VR and AR platforms. We’re a passionate group and we’re excited to connect to the mothership in San Francisco.

Speaking of which, and in case you wondered, with San Francisco being the known headquarters for technology, Los Angeles is the obvious choice for entertainment. That’s why we’re here and we’re ready to create.