By Adam Osfield Snell | Director, River Studios

Working with the Sacramento Kings and Willie Cauley-Stein to unveil their new uniforms in virtual reality was an absolute pleasure. We were blown away with the new look and think the timing for the redesign is perfect with their new, high-tech stadium on the way.

Not only was the seven-foot center a fantastic pick to model the jerseys; his towering height, curiosity in tech, and interest in fashion made him an ideal fit for our virtual reality experience. Our creative plan was to highlight his personality, the hard work of the Kings organization, and create an experience for their faithful fans that points toward this NBA team's bright future.

As a Virtual Reality Studio, we are proud to partner with an organization that is forward-thinking and helping us push this new medium forward. We designed our shots with the goal of matching the clean and crisp new jerseys and to offer the fans a unique chance to experience what it is like to stand next to a NBA star in his element.

We're happy to share the story and our process in pictures too.