Along with select industry professionals, River Studios is proud to announce that we were accepted to the Odyssey Early Access Program. Participants were invited down to YouTube Studios in Los Angeles to pick up and learn how to use the Odyssey - GoPro's 16 camera stereoscopic VR camera array. We were just as excited for the opportunity to use and put the Jump Assembler to the test in our post-production workflow - Google's cloud-based, computer-vision stitching software that completes this 3D VR package.  

The studios represented were invited to share the VR production pain points they've encountered and offer feedback from a creator's perspective that will continue to reduce those pain points. The training was collaborative and hands on with the collective goal of creating more incredible immersive experiences hanging in the air. Even though there are plans to push more improvements through firmware updates, the camera already makes creating impressive 3D content much easier. One feature we were all excited about is the gen lock system that allow us to control all 16 cameras at once. Representatives from Google and GoPro charged us to go out in the field to put the technology to the test. We happily accept the challenge and are confident that the Odyssey is in good hands. 

- Adam Osfield Snell