River Studios Augmented Art by Zenka

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AR Enabling New Dimensions of Classic Art

Augmented reality can transform classic art by overlaying new dimensions of experience onto the museum pieces. Refreshing the context of the work and giving the viewer a new perseptive. 


MergeVR Augmented Reality Cube

MergeVR's Holographic Cube engages users in game play and education using eye tracking and marker triggers on the cube. 


Augmented Reality Mural Art Triggers

Using a mobile devices image recognition capabilities any piece of art or design can trigger an augmented reality experience. Mural artist are using AR to give viewers a deeper experience into their works of art. 


Microsoft HoloLen Medical Education

The HoloLens has the potential to be an effective training and remote collaborating tool. Universities and enterprise business have been adopting devices like the HoloLens to educate medical students with holographic images. 


Microsoft HoloLens For Air Traffic Control

Microsoft HoloLens is giving air traffic controllers a god view of the all departing and arriving flights. Having a high level 3D overview of all flight patterns enables controllers and gives them ability to perform their jobs much more efficiently. 


Microsoft HoloLen Super Mario Brothers 

HoloLens can also bring classic videos games to life and played in the first person. 


ARKit and HTC Vive combination

@normalvr made an ARKit/Unity rig driven beautifully in real-time with an HTC Vive!


Meta2 Holographic Headset

The Meta2 is a tethered holographic headset that gives you natural gesturing and



5th Wall Agency's being doing a bunch of demos of Apple's ARKit. This one, a football match between Porto and Benfica is a favorite demo.